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The Ultimate Guide To Traveling The World Without Angering The Locals

By | source:Zendesk Jan 6th, 2019

The wrong gesture could land you in some trouble when abroad. Do you know how manners vary across the world? A lot of people strive to blend-in while traveling. After all, you only get to know a foreign place when you actually live life as a local would. If you want to stick out like a sore thumb when visiting a new country, try using the same etiquette you were taught back home. Although in most cases it won’t come off as overly rude, chances are you’ll be sporting a tourist neon sign all over your forehead.

The thing is, even the most basic of manners are socially constructed. This means that what your parents taught you as a child might not be the most appropriate when it comes to traveling the world. It might even contradict everything you learned!

Saying “thank you” and “please” still applies, but subtleties like tipping customs, pointing at things and using one hand instead of the other can change wildly from one culture to the next.

Try blending in with manners unique to the country you’re visiting. It’s worth noting that respecting others on a human level and appreciating our differences is the key to succeeding abroad!