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A Timeline Of Elon Musk’s Race To Greatness

By | source:Here Sep 23rd, 2017

Elon Musk amazed the twitter-sphere this week by responding to a customer complaint directly. Despite being the CEO of 2 tech companies and in the middle of launching a few more, he found the time to take care of the issue himself.With his futuristic ideas like the colonization of Mars, self-driving electric cars, and high speed tunneling, it is no surprise that he has become an international icon.

Elon’s ability to manage several companies yet continue to innovate is fascinating and extremely humbling.  He’s worked at incredibly fast speeds from a young age, having completed a 6 month computer BASIC coding course in 3 days before age 12.    He also seems to know when to quit, leaving his Stanford PhD program after 2 days.

This timeline infographic presents quite interesting insight into Elon Musk’s life so far. This is an inside look into the twists and turns of a mastermind’s life.  After reading this, you will realize that no one travels in a straight line, and greatness is achieved through much hardwork.