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The Flavor Breakdown In Average Packs of Candy

By | source:Here Sep 22nd, 2017

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t have a favorite flavor of Skittles or Starbursts? Honestly, I feel like you can’t be trusted if you like purple Skittles.

For fellow haters of purple Skittles, there’s nothing worse than buying a pack and getting too many of that sad, sad flavor. But what are your odds of getting each color?

In what might be my favorite pseudo-scientific study ever, the team at CDA analyzed some popular candies to find out the average color breakdown. Thankfully, the most common color in a pack of Skittles is green.

For wine gums (a candy commonly found in the UK that’s similar to gumdrops), red reigns. When it comes to gummy bears, the flavor breakdown is surprisingly even. (You’re still most likely to get green, orange or red.)

And now for a candy that people seem to feel surprisingly strongly about: Starbursts. Well, I’ve got good news for ya: Your chances of getting your favorite color are pretty even across the board.

America has an incredible selection of candy.  If you’ve got a favorite candy, you may be craving it after reading all about sweets. Not to burst your bubble, but sugar is actually pretty bad for us. Find out more here.