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Top Ten Pets

By | source: Nov 4th, 2010

Dogs, cats, turtles, wolves, you name it, someone has had it as a pet. But do you know what the top ten pets are? As you might have guessed dogs are ranked number one closely followed by cats. Personally, I consider dogs to be the best pet, cats, to put it bluntly, just aren’t as fun. A cat in my opinion is only cute when it is a kitten, where a dog simply becomes distinguished as they age.

Currently I own fish, a turtle, and a dog, I have to say out of all of them my dog is the clear winner. While some of the pets are just fun to sit back and observe, a dog allows for interaction, play, relaxation. On a bright sunny day is there anything better than going for a walk with your dog? Perhaps taking a tennis ball and playing a game of fetch? Name one other pet that you can easily do that with, that’s right, you can’t think of one can you?

All animals are great and should be appreciated, but the dog just ranks amongst the best. I realize this has become a rant about how awesome dogs are, but it is hard for it not to when they are so awesome. Whatever your pet of choice may be I’m sure they make good company. Neglecting a pet is never good and if you know of one that’s suffering, please, do your part and do what you can to help them. [via]