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How To Travel Abroad With No Money

By | source:Here Aug 24th, 2021

Like many others, I have always wanted to travel around the world, venture abroad, and find new people and cultures. But overseas travel isn’t cheap and the demands of everyday life can drain finances.

Until I came upon this infographic, I had never even considered the possibility of traveling on the cheap. Granted, a few of the suggestions offered may result in some discomfort. Sleeping on a stranger’s couch may not be for everyone, but an overseas gig or voluntary work is something most of us can manage.

Nursing, caregiving, and teaching are common careers that lead people to jobs abroad. The opportunities are about as limited as your imagination. Blogging, vlogging, and seasonal farm work spring to mind. All you need for the first two is a laptop, a camera and a way with words. Loads of energy and a willingness to put in some effort will serve you well on the farmlands of your chosen destination.

Alternatively, you could find work in the tourism industry. And there are plenty of opportunities from jobs on boats and yachts to the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Working abroad is a sure way to develop your interpersonal skills and it will look good on your CV too. Employers value people who have traveled widely and learned to get on with people from different cultures.

After more than a year of lockdown and travel bans, the world is once more opening its borders to visitors. There is no time like now to plan your trip abroad.