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What’s Changing With Travel Booking Trends in 2019

By | source:Here Mar 28th, 2019

Travel is one of the activities that many look forward to the most, and that’s unlikely to change. However there are certain travel trends for the year that are changing.

For starters, families will be taking more vacations in 2019, regardless of their children’s schedule. In fact, according to CNTraveller, by 2020 around half of the US and UK’s working population will be freelancers, and with a rise in homeschooling, some family trips can be done at any point of the year. This means families will be able to snatch bargains in the off-season.

Also it looks like CBD is here to stay, even in the travel and leisure industry. Spas are adding more treatments that include cannabinoids (the kind that doesn’t have hallucinogenic effects, of course) in order to relax and de-stress their guests.

Finally, when it comes to travel bookings, cryptocurrency starting to make an appearance at checkout. Thus, many agencies and airlines are or will be accepting a diverse range of cryptocurrencies for booking. From Japan to the US, you will soon be able to book some of your travels with Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other coin on the rise.

If you want to know more about traveling trends, check out today’s infographic. It shows the results of Facebook’s data gathering throughout 2018 on the travel industry. Data from how people discover travel options to what makes them stay with a specific company can be interpreted through Facebook. Creepy but cool! Are you ready for your next trip?