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How To Take The Ultimate Road Trip Across The U.S.

By | source:Here Mar 1st, 2018

A road trip across the U.S. is the adventure of a lifetime, but it’s something no one should undertake unprepared. It’s not just about packing the bare essentials –  those are a given.I’m talking about crafting a plan for your entire journey and all the roadside attractions you plan to visit along the way. Driving thousands of miles is only fun if you have things to see! After all, if you’re traveling to your destination without stopping to take in the scenery along the way, is it really a road trip?

The U.S. is huge, and unless you can teleport, it’s impossible to visit every single roadside attraction in a single trip. You can, however, plan a route that maximizes your chances of visiting the most popular spots. To help you do exactly that, check out this guide to the 79 most popular roadside attractions across the entire U.S.

You may find some may more appealing than others, but we guarantee there’s something in there for everyone. If your goal is to cram in as many cool and/or bizarre attractions as possible on your next road trip, look no further.