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Valentine’s Day By the Numbers

By | source: Feb 15th, 2012

Here is a little Valentine’s Day wrap up as you recover from your candy and love hangovers.

Today’s infographic begins with a short history of Valentine’s Day, a history that traces back to ancient Rome with Lupercalia, a fertility festival and touches on a few high points as the holiday slowly takes on its present shape. This history is in no way exhaustive, but it does beg the question: how in the world did the modern Valentine’s Day, a holiday predominantly about expensive jewelry, cut flowers and Hallmark cards, come about?

Next, the infographic tackles average Valentine’s Day expenses and trends. And, it shines a light on the inordinate amount of Sweetheart candies produced annually. I think someone needs to take a stand against Sweethearts. Those things are not good.

If you are one of the 62% of adults who claim to celebrate the holiday, I hope it was a good one, and if you’re not, well, Tuesday’s over and we are one day closer to the weekend! [via]