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Your Cheat Sheet For Perfectly Cooked Veggies

By | source:Here Nov 5th, 2020

Vegetables are delicious, healthy, and they’re full of nutrients containing fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Many vegetables also contain anti-oxidants which are credited with protecting the body from cancers and early aging. In their natural form, vegetables are low in sodium, sugar, and fat. Research has shown that a diet rich in vegetables can protect your cardiovascular system.

Adults should include two to three cups of vegetables per day in their diet. How much you need will depend on your age and the amount of exercise you do. From a dietitian’s point of view, potatoes fall under starch rather than vegetables, so don’t include these in your daily ration. You should try to include green, leafy vegetables, orange or yellow vegetables like carrots, and pulses like peas and beans in your daily intake.

It is quick and easy to cook vegetables and you can even grow your own. That way you’ll know that they’re farm fresh and haven’t spent weeks in cold storage. This infographic offers instructions on how to cook your favorite vegetables, whatever your chosen method. Well-cooked vegetables should retain their color and some of the crunch. Many vegetables are also delicious raw, especially if they are young and newly picked.