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Crazy Rich Historical Figures

By | source:Here Apr 11th, 2020

Have you ever wondered who the richest people in history are? Well, wonder no more, as a current dollar value has finally been put on various historical figures.

Today’s infographic focuses on attempting to list the top contenders for the title of the richest person ever. Contenders for this title come from various occupations and time periods, ranging from ancient monarchs to modern entrepreneurs. It factors in money adjusted for inflation as well as property holdings to see who would have the largest net worth.

Currently, the estimated richest person in history is Augustus Caesar, the first emperor of the Roman Empire. He is valued at a rough estimate of $4.6 trillion in today’s dollars, which is calculated to be about a fifth of the wealth of the entire Roman Empire. (Which, at the time, accounted for about 30% of the world’s GDP!) Augustus Caesar currently stands as the only confirmed trillionaire in history, but there are a few other figures mentioned in this graphic who could have possibly surpassed Caesar’s wealth.

When everything is adjusted for inflation, it’s remarkable to see the amount of money a single person could hoard. The sheer wealth depicted in this infographic is staggering and it leaves us asking the question: will history repeat itself?