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We’ve Been Compromised: Financial Security Breaches

By | source: Mar 2nd, 2012

Hacker groups are becoming a more common sight in news headlines recently. Some of these groups claim to help society with their hacking, but too many use their skills for crime. Thousands of people have their identity stolen every year, and hacking is one of the best ways to find out private information.

I have no idea the last time my bank was hacked, but I know it couldn’t of been that long ago. Citygroup had an security breach just last year. I know if the third largest bank can get hacked, none are safe. Find out what you can do for your own security and give your bank a call to see what precautions they are taking. Data loss prevention solutions have increased 17% in the last three years, make sure you stay in the know. [CenturyLink Business]