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What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

By | source:Here May 25th, 2019

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of platelet rich plasma treatment before.  Well-known athletes like Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry have used it. Although it’s becoming more popular, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding procedures using PRP.

Blood is an amazing component part of the body and essential to our well-being.  It consists of liquid (plasma) and solids (cells, platelets). Platelets, also known as thrombocytes, are important for clotting we bleed.  They also have growth factors, which promote healing of injuries.

In order to get platelet rich plasma, blood is drawn from the person undergoing the procedure.  Centrifugal forces are then applied to this blood in order to separate the blood cells from the plasma and thrombocytes.  The remaining mix of plasma and platelets is what’s called PRP.

The liquid is injected into the site that’s treated and is used as treatment for hair loss, ulcers, injuries, etc.  The mechanisms of how PRP works in treating these conditions is still unclear, but an increasing popularity is a positive sign for its future.

As any relatively new products on the market, there’s still a lot of unknowns when it comes to PRP.  People who have used it, swear by it, but clinical trials are yet to provide concrete proof of its effectiveness.