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Which Type of Batteries Last the Longest?

By | source: Mar 29th, 2022

If you have a few kids running around at home you will understand the need for this graphic. Most toys you buy come with cheap off-brand batteries that last for 10 minutes before you need to change them. Let’s see which brand of batteries lasts the longest.

These batteries were tested in the same device. The different brands of batteries were simply placed into a flashlight and left on until they ran out of power.

What type of battery lasts the longest?

Duracell batteries were the longest lasting in this test. Now, this could vary based on which size of battery you are using. Duracell might have the best AA batteries (which were used in this test), while another brand could have longer lasting batteries of a different kind.

The best battery value for your money is Kirkland brand. These batteries are notoriously cheap and last nearly as long as Duracell. Panasonic came in last place in this test and actually had 2 of the bottom 3 performers. Rayovac is another brand that you may want to avoid.

It would be interesting to see a test done for smartphone batteries, and how the charge time of these batteries holds up over time. We have covered ways to extend your iphone battery in previous posts.

In general, batteries made by reputable companies with strong brand names do indeed perform better than the cheap stuff. Energizer, and Duracell (probably the most expensive battery brands) are among the best performers. It turns out that when it comes to batteries, you get what you pay for.