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The Ultimate Guide To Saving Your iPhone’s Battery Life

By | source:kwikboost May 31st, 2015

Dear phone makers, please make my phone slightly less thin so I can have a battery life which lasts more than one day, signed – everyone in the world.

The fact that this infographic exists shows the true problem facing new cellular devices. We don’t need a bigger screen, iris recognition, 3D whatever, we just want a phone that will last a couple days on one charge. Samsung recently announced they have created a super-charger that can charge your phone in only an hour’s time. That’s great, but still doesn’t help much if I’m gone all day. I’ll still need to carry the charger with me.

Today is a great day for me though. It is my time to finally upgrade my phone. I have a Galaxy S4 with an odd assortment of problems. My sim card slips out at least five times a day. My phone freezes up multiple times in a 24 hour period leading to a disconnection from my cell network and the inability to receive calls and texts. The worst thing though is my battery life. Five hours. That’s it. I’ve had a charger in my back pocket for months, and it still doesn’t help if I can’t continuously find a plug. I’m so glad to leave this phone behind and move on to another phone that will work great for a year, then start to grow frail.