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Who Votes in America?

By | source: Aug 16th, 2012

With the presidential election only a few months away, presidential candidates Barak Obama and Mitt Romney are in that final stretch of trying to get the publicâ??s votes.

Itâ??s true that voting in America is on the lower end when compared to other countries, so my question is who actually votes in America? Who should the presidential candidates be reaching out to? Todayâ??s infographic lists what kind of people actually get out to the ballots and vote. Turns out the very people you would expect to vote are the ones that do. Iâ??m talking about people who are middle aged, educated and married.

America needs to devise new ways to reach out to those who do not vote. Whether it be through pledge cards, or bringing the voting to the home. Americans need to do a better job at practicing their right to vote. [via]