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Why There’s A Big Fuss About Life Coaches

By | source:Here Apr 25th, 2019

Personal development professions seem to be increasing in popularity. In the search to find a professional to help one get to that “next level” in life, one may ask: Do I need a life coach? Do I need a counselor? Or, do I need both?

Although life coaches and counselors share many similarities and sometimes collaborate, there are some key differences between the two professionals as depicted. Counselors focus more on moving to a state of function. Counselors may also address serious mental trauma, whereas a coach does not diagnose or treat. Therapy helps the individuals uncover how they arrived to where they are today. Coaching starts with where the individual is today and helps them arrive to where they’d like to be. Whereas coaches focus more on the future, counselors may place more of the focus on finding closure in the past. This process varies greatly from person to person.

Although in different ways, both life coaches and counselors can provide a great deal of support and help the individual or group bring about a positive change in their lives. That is a common goal worth reaching! There are even topic specific ones like money coaches.   Have you ever thought about linking up with a counselor, a coach, or both?