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Where Do All Of The World’s Skilled Workers Go?

By | source:Here Sep 12th, 2019

Modern society features a lot of moving parts, especially when it comes to employment. Every country competes with the rest when it comes to bringing in highly skilled workers to work for them. Yet, some destinations seem to be more appealing than others.

With close to a quarter of its population comprised of immigrants, Switzerland tops the list for most suitable places where skilled workers can move to. The Swiss offer favorable regulations and market landscape with plenty of room to grow. Perhaps workers are also interested in the country’s famous chocolate-related attractions.

As a melting pot, the US is home to over 46 million immigrants. Attracting skilled workers, however, is a different story. Lots of regulations and a highly competitive market contribute to difficulties with attracting global talent. On the bright side, room for growth and security help the US retain a lot of its incoming workers.

In today’s world, there’s no place like home, unless it offers better benefits with more room for growth.  Migrating to foreign countries for better opportunity has become much more common and seems to be trending up. Opportunity is always knocking, even if the knock sometimes comes from thousands of miles away.