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World’s Weirdest Pet Laws

By | Jun 3rd, 2016

You might think that the leash laws in your city are a bother, but at least you aren’t banned from “displaying your cat” after 8PM.

The above is on Japan but the rest of the world has their wacky rules too, and the US not the least. Making faces at dogs can get you thrown in jail in Oklahoma, but if you’re a cop in Ohio and you bite a dog to calm it down that’s totally cool. How biting it would possibly calm the dog, I do not know. I also do not know how Arkansas thinks it can enforce a law against dogs barking after 6PM.

Over in Italy, the city of Turin has got themselves an un-enforceable law that says that dogs must be walked three times a day, and Reggio Emilia mandates that if you are going to share food with your pet you must give it an equal portion to the one you give yourself.

It’s Saudi Arabia who takes the cake here, though, with their ban on men walking dogs. Yes, that’s right. Are you male? No dog walking for you!

If you’re going to travel, do your research whether or not you’re bringing your pet. We’ve got another infographic of strange laws to watch out for to help you prepare.