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Feeling Fatigued? Avoid Working Against Your Body Clock!

By | source:Here Feb 20th, 2021

Modern life requires far more activity for far longer periods than it used to in the olden days. In former centuries, most of the labor was manual but needing actual sunlight to work meant that humans kept to a certain rhythm and did not go against their nature.

Now, the speed with which we have to accomplish things and the variety of the tasks we see ourselves having to do, means that we are just not able to take things at our own pace. Instead, we have to attend to dozens of deadlines every day!

Our own bodies have adapted throughout millennia to work in the most optimized manner at certain times of the day, but how do those times interact with our reality? How do those things interrupt or impede a good morning routine?

This chart shows the most relevant times of the 24 hour day when our body clocks expect things to happen, and contrasts that with what actually happens–which might explain why some times of day are so overwhelming!

It might not be possible to adjust our whole schedule to our circadian rhythm, but it’s certainly interesting to measure and compare. Are there some simple changes that could make your day go easier? Maybe organize the priority you give certain tasks or take your breaks at different hours? It’s worth thinking about!