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Feasting on a Budget

By | source: Nov 23rd, 2011

There is a thawed turkey reposing in my refrigerator, and in most department stores the Christmas tree has already become a blinking presence. Thatâ??s right: Thanksgiving is tomorrow!

2011 has been all about doing â??whateverâ? on a budget, unless, of course, you are part of the infamous 1 percent, in which case you might have spent 2011 throwing a lavish reality TV wedding. For most of us though, money matters, especially around the holidays. The jam-packed infographic below gives some tips for preparing for and celebrating Thanksgiving on a budget.

I donâ??t think Iâ??ve ever seen an infographic this long, or this thorough. A rundown of the least expensive stores, shopping tips for cutting on cost, and random bits of Thanksgiving trivia are all covered in detail. [via]

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