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$10,000 To Start Your Small Business

By | source:Ace Cloud Hosting Feb 22nd, 2015

Most small businesses in America start with less than $10,000. This usually comes from the founder’s own savings account. Starting a small business is a big risk for some, putting everything on the line to reach for their dreams. A lot of businesses start from a hobby. Woodworkers, bakers, website design and plenty of other craftspeople and creatives never had formal training. One day, a friend of theirs said, “Hey, that’s amazing, you should do this full time!” Although it is true that most businesses fail, it is much better to give it a go.

In college, I learned that even if your business fails, the majority of failed businesses actually come out even in respect to finances, not much money lost or gained. Starting a small business has never been easier thanks to the Internet. Sites like Etsy and TaskRabbit are great places to help facilitate the business side of your idea. Social media is an easy, cheap way to market your product or service. Finally, having a website helps communicate your potential to your customers.

If you’re on the fence about starting a small business, you should just do it. Dive right in and see what you can do.


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