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34 Crucial Tips for Your Next Job Interview

By | source: Dec 26th, 2014

With the economy back in full-swing and jobs falling of job land’s job trees dropping jobs like bombs you don’t really need to try too hard during job interviews anymore. Just kidding, it’s all lies! Jobs are still hard to find and the economy pretty much still sucks! If you’re able to get an interview you better study hard and be prepared for anything. What’re your strengths and weaknesses? They’ll ask – well, what are they? Are you going to go classical and spin off an old weakness you’ve overcome – be honest and say you may not be the best at something, but you’re willing to learn? Are you going to sell yourself as the very best candidate? You better.

Check out these tips below for an edge on the competition, because you better know you’re not the only one fiending for this position. The girl before you just hit a home-run and you’ve gotta follow it up with something better. How many times have you spellchecked your resume? Not enough. Are you references up to date and willings to talk wonders about your skills and work ethic? Take them out for lunch, make sure they remember why you were such a good employee and why they should take the time out of their day to talk you up to a future suitor. [via]

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job interview tips

job interview tips