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A Guide to Star Trek Uniforms

By | source: Oct 23rd, 2013

Halloween is fast approaching, so here’s a little nerd-out for Star Trek costumery! When I was a kid, I grew up watching Star Trek the Next Generation almost every night before bed. It’s a show that has surprisingly (despite it’s very late 80’s-centric vibe) held up as a great television show to this day. Awesome morals, exciting stories involving time-travel, aliens and warp drives – Star Trek just captures something in our imaginations of how awesome the universe could be. The idea that Earth has finally rid itself of petty civil wars and elected itself as being part of a galactic Federation of do-gooders exploring for exploring’s sake is such a beautiful thing. It really harkens back to the old manifest destiny attitude, albeit not as genocidal as we were to the natives. I really hope that someday there will be a Star Trek in real life.

Then we can all wear the same clothes! Just kidding. But just look at how fly these dudes look. Wouldn’t you want to be part of the Federation? Which outfit would you wear? I personally like the TNG uniforms for their brightness and the crazy corners of color at the waist. As always, live long and prosper.