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Fact Or Fiction: How To Spot Unicorns

By | source:Atlas-Dev Mar 16th, 2020

What’s to say about unicorns? Naturally, since the unicorn is a (supposedly) fictitious creature, it seems no rules apply when speaking about unicorns.

But do unicorns really exist? Some say they do – on another plane, dimension or realm. They are pure beings of light and are attracted to joy, while repulsed by sadness, fear, and anger. Who can see, or encounter them? Someone who is completely pure of mind, heart, body and soul (“virginal maidens…”) or can anyone find one? Some insist that they have encountered unicorns by entering into a deep meditative state…but intense meditation is heavy work for a lot of folks.

“Alicorn” is also another word for a winged unicorn. (Yes, some unicorns have wings.) So, how do winged unicorns and the horn a unicorn tie in? Who came first, the winged creature or the horn?

The unicorn in the infographic is portrayed as having a white body with a red head. Of course, many today insist that they can come in pink, purple, rainbow…or even just natural horse colors!

Overall, unicorns may or may not exist. (Or, they may sort-of exist.) As said, some have insisted that they’ve encountered them in meditation “on the astral plane.” “Meditation” and “New Age” is some people’s cup of tea, others not so much, but who knows? Those who have an open mind and can meditate…why not go for it? Some have said the unicorns bring interesting messages when they come through!