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America’s Food and Drink Spending Habits

By | source: Jul 21st, 2010

Hungry? You better be. We Austinites spend almost double the country’s average on food every year. I believe it is because we have amazing local food options. Besides the fact that there are 400 million new mouthwatering Austin food joints popping up everyday, we also have local grocers all over. Who here says ‘I’m going to the grocery store’? No, we say ‘I’M GOING TO THE H-E-B!‘. HEB has tons of local options, while Wheatsville Co-op, and the farmers markets are other healthy dealers of consumption.

So guys, you’d think we’d be double the size in weight of the average American too, but that just isn’t the case. I’m thinking it is either because we also exercise twice as much as America or we throw out half of the food we buy. Neither of those scenarios make much sense. If I’m ruling out exercising, the Town Lake hike-and-bike trail just doesn’t have enough capacity for our entire city (I blame all of the newcomers). As for the latter, I don’t know about you, but I don’t only eat half of my meal. Now that we ruled out the most obvious reasons, we can conclude that we are all aliens who need more carbohydrates to function.

What also doesn’t make sense is that our food in Austin is kinda in-expensive. P.Terry’s burger combo is only 5 bucks. That rivals almost all of the fast food chains around. Cheap food isn’t only for eating out either, HEB even has prices comparable to Walmart. I guess we just really enjoy eating here, I know I do. My deepest apologies if you are not from Austin and you read all of this. Now you know a bit more about my city and I guess I owe you a meal. Hey, maybe your city is in the list below. [Via]