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Spring Break!!!!!

By | source: Jul 22nd, 2010

What’d you do for spring break? I went to the beach with some friends. It was pretty fun, but nowhere near the shenanigans that take place in South Padre. I’ve heard stories of that place, and seen a hilarious Cops special on it — it looks ridiculous. So these cops show up at an abandoned house because of a noise violation. They look through the house forever and find nothing besides evidence of a huge party that must have ended before they got there. They are talking about what must have happened when they hear a noise in a closet. When they open the closet door, they find some kid who had passed out and who presumably had been tied up by his friends and put in the closet. I guess the friends forgot about him and left the party before the cops came. Now this kid turned hostage is trying to explain to the cops what happened, but he is still plastered. He ended up being charged with trespassing, minor in consumption and a bunch of other stuff. The cop presence during spring break is huge. They make bank this week.

I had a friend who was out on the beach at South Padre and a cop was giving out MIP’s. The funny thing is, when everyone on the beach is in a swimsuit they don’t have identification. So this cop would just ask the names of these kids, hoping they’d give their real information. He was obviously too lazy to take an underage drinker back to his patrol car to check his identity so everyone gave him an alias. I think my friend said he lived on Unicorn Street, and his name was John Smith, but the officer bought it. Thank god for lazy cops. [Via]