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Bacon vs Jerky: The Ultimate Battle of Processed Meats

By | source:Here Aug 7th, 2017

If you enjoy your processed meats, then you have most likely tried bacon and jerky. These two are without a doubt the most famous processed meats in the world. But have you ever wondered which one is better? Because I sure as hell did.

I consider myself a bacon connoisseur. It’s not that I don’t like jerky, but its reputation leaves much to be desired so I try to avoid it as much as I can. However, I’m not unreasonable and am willing to change my opinion if proven wrong. That’s why I love this infographic.

It compares these two meats in pretty much every category that matters. You‘ll learn everything from nutritional value to a historical overview of each meat.

Sure, these numbers have differed through the years, but there is no way that jerky has overtaken bacon in sales. Sit down, grab a snack, and take a look at where these meats meet and where they differ.