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The Ultimate Guide to Burritos

By | source:Here Aug 7th, 2017

The Burrito, that edible gift Mexico has given to the world. Sure, I like tequila, but burrito is true love. I apologize to vegetarians in advance, but this infographic wasn’t necessarily made with you in mind. There are no purely vegetarian or vegan burritos. You can take out the meat from the recipes if you wish though, and probably substitute with extra beans.

With that out of the way, let me say a couple more things before you go trying all the burritos. Even though Mexico is the OG of the burritos and they do make some incredible ones, American versions are not to be messed with. Thanks to the good ol US of A, we now have the famous Breakfast burrito, California burrito, Kogi burrito, etc.  Shockingly the California burrito actually may have come from New Mexico.

Regardless of what type of burrito you prefer, there’s a huge smorgasbord of flavors to fill you up. So let’s celebrate burritos and their awesomeness with a byte (har har) of their history, ingredients, and fun facts about world’s best-known burritos. Hungry yet?