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Decoding The Factors That Determine Your Credit Score

By | source:Here Apr 24th, 2017

I’m admittedly pretty clueless when it comes to finances, so I avoided getting a credit card in college. It ended up being a good decision––a lot of my friends went into needless debt.

Even though I haven’t racked up unnecessary bills, I still don’t know my credit score. According to this infographic, I’m in good company. More than half of Americans haven’t viewed their credit score in the last year, and 45% of college students don’t know their credit score.

The average consumer has nine open credit cards, so it’s definitely important to keep

The number is determined by several different factors, including how timely you are on bill payments, how much debt you owe, how many credit lines you have, and the length of your credit history.

Your credit score isn’t impacted by age, race or income, although some people theorize that could be. It can actually impact your love life though––43% of women and 32% of men want to know a partner’s credit score before getting seriously involved.

Now that you have some motivation to check your credit score, it’s time to think about how to change your saving habits. Click here to learn more.