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Dining Etiquette

By | source: Mar 14th, 2013

Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant and wondered what the extra spoons and forks were for? I most definitely have. I actually went to a fancy wedding a few years ago and was so flustered with the utensil options that I ended up spilling my water all over the table! Talk about bad table manners! Knowing table etiquette is extremely useful when trying to make a good impression at a work interview or at a first date. However, etiquette classes can be costly for the average person.

Thankfully, today’s infographic gives a brief overview of table etiquette and which utensil is used for what. I had the opportunity to attend a real class, and I can tell you that today’s inforgraphic is the real deal, for free! So learn up and feel confident on your next date or job interview!  [Via]