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How To Wrap Presents Like Martha Stewart

By | source:Here Jun 21st, 2020

Sending someone you love an adorable gift or shipping a package to your dearest one is a thing we all want to do now and then. If you want to express your love, you’ll want to make it a special occasion, right?

Whether you’re interested in shipping out Christmas, wedding, or holiday gifts, or you’re a business owner who is interested in streamlining international shipping, gift wrapping and shipping hacks are a way to save money.

You will experience even more savings if you consider taking the DIY wrapping process or going with the Semi-DIY wrapping approach. You can go old school with Kraft paper and twine. This look is timeless and inexpensive. You may think Kraft paper is too plain for wrapping paper, and if this is the case, try using a sharpie to create your own design! The receiver is bound to be impressed by your personal touch added to the gift. 

If you have an old scarf or bandana lying around, you can add to the gift by wrapping it in the scarf. It’ll save you money on wrapping paper, and it’s a more eco-friendly option because you are re-purposing an old scarf. DIY wrapping paper is a great way to make a gift even more personal.