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Facebook wall of shame

By | source: Oct 24th, 2011

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook! If they’re not on it they’re talking about it, everyone knows what Facebook is and a lot of us have accounts. For those you who are tired of hearing about how great it is, today’s infographic is for you. Entitled Facebook Wall of Shame this infographic details all the failures the company has experienced. Some of these you may have heard of or even used while others, came and went so quick they’ll probably come as a surprise.

As many Facebook users know privacy has been an issue from the very beginning. According to today’s infographic in a conversation between Mark Zuckerberg and a Harvard friend, Zuckerberg offered him any information about anyone at the school. He claimed to have had 4,000 e-mails, pictures, adresses, and SNS saying “people just submitted it…they trust me.” Whether this is true or not I cannot say, but if it is, I’d say it’s disconcerting. Whether you want it to or not Facebook also remembers everything you do thanks to the timeline feature.

To completely change the topic, as I finish writing this the Rangers have just tied the World Series at two a piece. Derek Holland pitched an amazing game, a shut out in fact, allowing only two hits and two walks. Can’t forget Mike Napoli’s 3-run homer in the 6th inning off of Boggs’ first pitch of the game. A nice win for the Rangers after a horrible 16-7 loss in game 3. Enjoy today’s infographic and have a Happy Halloween! [via]

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