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First man’s best friend: The dogs of the presidents

By | source: Aug 26th, 2012

Throughout modern history, man has had a good relationship with dogs, his closest allies. Fierce loyalty, companionship and willingness to work hard are a few of the things (among many) that help rightly classify the dog as man’s best friend. When we say man we mean all of mankind, too; it doesn’t matter what your class, social standing or situation is, a dog will always be there for you, which is why they are such popular pets among everyone from the poor all the way up to high-ranking world officials.

Today’s infographic from The Sacramento Bee gives us a list of U.S. presidents and their favorite canines companions. It shows what types of dogs, and how many, some of the most prominent presidents had. For instance, the most popular breed of dog among the presidents is the terrier and Teddy Roosevelt’s dog, Pete, once ripped off the French ambassador’s pants at a White House function.

For more interesting stories and facts about the presidents’ dogs refer to the infographic below. [Via]