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Food Trucks By The Numbers

By | source:Here Sep 13th, 2017

What do you think of when you hear someone mention street food? A few years ago, you may have imagined a greasy hot dog or over-salted pretzel. Thanks to the explosion of food trucks, you can now get gourmet food on the go.

Wondering just how much food trucks have changed the mobile food industry? These numbers say it all.

Food trucks make a staggering $1.2 billion in annual revenue, and the industry has seen a 12.4 percent increase over the past five years. Maintaining a food truck isn’t cheap––it costs an average of $85,000, but if a truck is successful, it’ll generate an average revenue of $290,556.

The competition is fierce, though. There are nearly 5,000 food trucks in the U.S. by this infographic’s count, and Los Angeles has nearly 400 food trucks alone.

So what’s ahead? According to this infographic, food trucks are going to feature locally-sourced meat, fish and produce, along with more options for kids. Also on the radar: unique condiments and seafood-focused dishes.

As we mentioned, LA tops the list for food truck cities, but there are cities all over the country known for their street food. If you plan to travel to a foodie city soon, check out our list of things every traveler should know.