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Good Fish Bad Fish

By | source: Jul 14th, 2011

I love fish, especially when it’s Alaskan salmon. Lucky for me, this infographic tells me it’s okay to keep eating it! Although we may not all agree, I believe fish is one of the tastiest healthy foods out there. If you’ve watched or read anything about health you’ve probably heard about the importance of fish oils. Believe it or not, the “fatty” oils in fish can actually help cut body fat! (some exercise also helps)

Alright so it’s time to go to the store and buy every type of fish right?! Well according to this infographic, not necessarily. It informed me that buying fish appropriate to your region can help maintain healthy fish populations. If you get a good zoom in on the infographic you can also see what methods are used to obtain the fish depending on region. Apologies to our non-U.S. readers, I can’t give you much advice on which fish you should be eating.

Obviously in every region there are lots of options for acceptable fish. The infographic has its limitations as it does not give you the overall health benefits of each type. One of the main concerns people have when eating fish is the mercury content. This article gives a good rule of thumb as to what fish are good and how much of them you should be eating. Another general concern is wild caught vs. farm raised fish. I haven’t done much research on this, but from what I’ve heard it’s better to avoid farmed fish.

I enjoy exploring new types of food and I definitely have not tried all these types of fish. I’d love to see some comments on your favorite fish and why you like it. [Via]