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By | source: Oct 30th, 2012

Halloween week is upon us! Many celebrated last weekend with halloween parties, trips to the bars and lots of fun, but the real holiday is tomorrow! Are you planning to dress up? Halloween might be one of my favorites, but I only ever dress up as a cat, ballerina or french girl (only once).

Families spend an average of $150 on Halloween preparations. This includes costumes, fake blood, and pumpkins! One way to cut down on costs is to think up costumes that use your regular clothes. Lucky for you all, I have three A+ (in my opinion) costumes that may be sitting in your closet or only require a few quick purchases!

My personal favorite, the cat. Grab a cheap pair of kitty ears, draw some whiskers in black eyeliner, throw on a black top and black jeans and step into your favorite black stilettos.

The ballerina. Buy or make a tutu- tule is really easy to work with and extremely inexpensive – wear a black tank top or leotard and some tights. Oh and twirl all night long.

The French girl. A striped shirt, a drawn on mustache and a berret. Voila!

Have a happy and safe Halloween! [Via]