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How Get a Good Night’s Sleep Away From Home

By | Sep 14th, 2016

When you’re away from home you want to be well rested and on top of your game, but it’s not always easy.

Your brain is leery of losing consciousness (that is to say, sleeping) in a new environment. No matter how much your rational mind tells your lizard brain that this is just your bestie’s new apartment, it will still probably stay semi-awake all night, ready to jolt you awake when the air conditioner cranks on.

Luckily, there are some tricks to take yourself off high alert so you can get the deep rest you need. Blocking out external stimuli with ear plugs and an eye mask is a really good option because it doesn’t give the paranoid parts of your brain anything to react to. Bringing your pillow is a great option if it’s not too much hassle. Just bringing the pillowcase is good, too. The texture and smell of it are familiar and comforting.

Going to sleep is only half the battle. For most of us, getting up is as least as difficult. Well don’t worry, our 10 Effortless Tips for Waking Up Earlier infographic will have you popping up like a cork with a song on your lips the second that alarm goes off.