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The Science of Staying Warm

By | Sep 13th, 2016

Mom always told you to wrap up, and she’s not wrong, but the reason that cold can make us ill might surprise you.

Growing up, I thought that there was something in the cold itself, something carried on the wind, perhaps, that made you ill. But there’s no excess of flu germs in the winter air. In reality, a bit of bracing air will do you no harm, but if your core temperature drops too low your immune system can be compromised, and that’s all kind of bad news. A lowered immune system in conjunction with spending more time in confined spaces with other humans who might have the flu makes it easier to get ill in the winter.

Being warm-blooded is a good gig. We can move about during the cold months when our lizard friends are paralyzed underground somewhere, but it takes a lot of energy to heat your body from the inside, so eat and drink and don’t let your body temperature get too low.

Heating your house is necessary for comfort and health during the winter, but can also be quite expensive. Have a look at our Energy Saving Hacks infographic for tips on how to keep your house warm for less.