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How to Pack Everything In One Carry-On

By | source:Here Dec 16th, 2018

Whether you’re headed off on a business trip or flying the family out for a holiday vacation, paying fees for checking luggage gets pricey. However, there is a solution to this dilemma. Stuff everything into your carry-on bags.With a little work, you can pack a month’s worth of belongings into a 22 x 18 x 10 piece of luggage, which is the typical limit for carry-on, along with a small personal, backpack or purse.

For starters, don’t load up your carry-on with books. Virtual books can be found on Amazon, The Open Library, Project Gutenberg, and LibroVox, and many of them are free, so keep the real deal at home.

Second, think layers when traveling, especially if you are headed to cold weather areas. Pack one coat, one hoodie, and one set of thermal underwear, which will leave enough room for four short-sleeved shirts, five long-sleeved shirts, three pairs of pants, a pair of shoes, and seven pairs of undies and socks.

While you can carry-on some toiletries, there are limited size requirements to what you can take with you, so it makes more sense to purchase hygiene items once you arrive at your destination, if they are not provided for you there.

Yes, this is a limited offering of options for you jet-setters, so you will have to think like a minimalist. Furthermore, it might actually make more sense to ship your items by mail a few days before your trip instead of checking them at the airport. You could save some money, time, and hassle.