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What You Didn’t Know About the Gig Economy

By | source:Jessup Dec 17th, 2018

Anyone who’s tried talking to their parents about a job search has realized the same thing: the employment market, and specifically, the gig economy, has changed immeasurably over the past generation.

There’s certain jobs that are becoming more crucial than ever, and it’s important to stay aware of skills that are increasingly in demand. But beyond individual job roles, it’s also key to look at wider trends across the job market- such as the growth of the gig economy.

This colorful infographic starts by defining the gig economy as the sector of the service industry involving temporary work, which has gained a million workers in the past decade. To illustrate this growth, the graphic tracks the growth of 3 selected start-ups- AirBnb, Uber, and Lyft- over the past ten years. For readers who use these services regularly, it’s slightly incredible to be reminded that AirBnb only appeared in 2008 (and Uber in 2009, and Lyft in 2012).

It’s clear that the gig economy is here to stay: by 2027, the number of gig economy employees is set to overtake the number of traditional workers in the US economy. What remains to be seen is how society adapts to this shift, and whether workers will enjoy increased flexibility or lament the decreased stability in their work lives.