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Why Influencer Marketing Boosts Revenue And Credibility

By | source:Digital Information World Nov 7th, 2018

Are you trying to figure out a new way to convince people to buy what you’re selling? Consider trying influencer marketing to boost your revenue. 

Recently, many services are popping up which allow you to hire influencers to promote your goods. Influencer marketing relies on people or businesses with lots of followers to promote products and services. It’s an alternative to traditional social media ads. Advertising on places like Facebook can work, but it’s still difficult to convince people to trust you enough to buy.

Influencer marketing attracts more attention. It also has a high return on investment. For every dollar spent, influencer marketers make $6.50 on top of that original one-dollar investment.

This type of marketing is useful because, in today’s current climate, people are more likely to believe reviews by peers over company advertisements. People don’t care for obvious ads as much anymore. In fact, we often ignore them completely.

Another benefit is that it generates higher quality leads. People are more likely to buy when their favorite online personalities review a product. When we see a random ad, we expect exaggerated promises. We are naturally skeptical. But the recommendation of someone we trust lowers our defenses.

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