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The Influence Of Instagram: What Every Marketer Needs To Know

By | source:Here Aug 4th, 2018

Advertising is no longer just paying for a billboard — the majority of consumers turn to the Internet to find new products. Are you ready to make the leap?
An overwhelming majority of people have at least one active social media account, and as marketers, we need to meet our audience where they’re at. Even though Facebook and Twitter remain two of the most active platforms, Instagram is shaping up to be the most important platform for marketers.

From 2014 to 2017, Instagram reported growth of around 350 percent, which is a lot more than Facebook and YouTube. It isn’t only Instagram’s growth that’s attracting attention: The platform can influence how shoppers behave. More than 70% of Instagram users report making a purchase based on something they saw on the site.

Before you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your product advertised by an Instagram celebrity, take a look at the power of micro-influencers who boast engagement rates of 4 and 8 percent — more than double than celebrities with a measly 2%. Rather than focusing on Facebook or a more traditional social network, focus on Instagrammers with modest followings for your next social media campaign. You may be surprised by the ROI you see. Learn more about the influencer marketing revolution.