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Internet Censorship World Map: What Each Country Blocks

By | source:Here Nov 23rd, 2017

Not every Internet user in the world has the same open access to the information and entertainment found on the Internet. Sometimes there are other stricter laws than these unwritten ones of the Internet.

Folks living in the world’s more restrictive societies are blocked from certain content by government censors and their firewalls.

The majority of such Internet censorship is to prevent software piracy and other types of illegal file sharing (including torrents and file hosting sites).

Another reason for widespread censorship and monitoring of legal content (which are torrents, political and social media, and yes, pornography) is state-enforced morality.

North America, South and Central America, and Oceania are the continents with low restriction levels. On the other hand, Asia is covered with dark colors, which means you may need to review and adjust your itinerary when planning to visit some, if not most, countries in this continent.

To break it down, some heavily-censored countries you might want to watch out for are Eritrea, China, Somalia, and of course, the famously secretive and regulated North Korea. If you are a torrent user – even if you rely on the embattled tech to share legitimate, legal files – chances are you may find yourself out of luck no matter where you go.