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Lollapalooza Statistics

By | source: Aug 9th, 2010

Festival season is starting and I have never been more ready. False, I have been more ready before. This year I may not be attending Lolla’s sister fest, Austin City Limits, for the first time in 6 years. Besides the fact that Lady Gaga won’t be at ACL, I just didn’t buy tickets this year.

C3, the company that runs these festivals used a picture of me in an e-mail selling early bird tickets. Straight up though, that isn’t a picture of anyone else but me, I’m easily the focal point. I e-mailed the ACL fest to inform them that the reason they sold out in record time was because of me. I kindly asked for a little compensation in the form of a 3-day-pass to ACL 2010. I guess I shouldn’t of hedged my bets on this because I received no response.

As for me missing out on some of the music at ACL, I’m not missing much. I’ve seen every performer I would have wanted to see this year before, with one exception: M.I.A. I really want to see this girl rock. Kala was one of my most admired albums. It is so good, every song has so much creativity and innovation. I have not had the privilege of listening to her newest CD, but the video for Born Free is incredibly intense.

Lolla looks like a lot of fun according to this graphic. The only downside is that the capacity was upped by 20,000 people. Sure they expanded the park area, but that just means more walking and more crowded stages. I really hope they don’t up capacity at ACL.  It already seems like too much when only 65,000 people attend.

Music fests are always fun, I shouldn’t be hating. With a high of 92 degrees, I’m sure Lolla had enough sweat, drugs, and rock n’ roll to go around. [Via]