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Loneliness Is More Deadly Than Obesity

By | source: Dec 22nd, 2013

Loneliness is a feeling that everyone can relate to. There is a rise in the overall feeling of isolation among adults that is not completely explainable. We are all provided outlets for face-to-face interaction and with social avenues via our cellphones or websites. So why with all the extra do we feel less like we can open up or even listen and keep things confidential like friends should.

In my  opinion, and as the author of the infographic agree, people gravitate more towards quantity instead of quality. It’s so much easier to get away from someone’s ‘bull’ and go have fun than to be a good friend. It seems to me that there is more of an interest in living in the now than there ever will be people thinking about what kind of life they want when they are fifty.

Sure, I’ve been a jerk but when it comes down to it I hold my friends down and would do anything for them. But our vibes don’t always mesh well with others. Regardless,  I keep my friends secrets and it shouldn’t be hard to  have a little but of reciprocity.

If not having real friends is killing people off faster than a disease like obesity, which is also easily preventable,  then wake up and smell the roses. Step away from your iPhone and try and be good to your fellow human being. Make lasting friendships. The more people you have on your team, the better you’ll be. [via]