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By | source: Jul 27th, 2011

Movies based upon comic books seem more common than ever. In 2011 alone, Marvel released Thor, X-Men: First Class and Captain America to crowds of impatient fans. Those fans can look forward to yet another Spiderman installment and The Avengers movie next year. Much like the success of Twilight and Harry Potter, comic book movies satiate steady fans and fans who have never cracked the covers of the original inspiration. I was the latter until just recently.

At the behest of my best friend, I caved in and purchased my first book promising to give it a try. I am now hooked. Who wouldnâ??t like an intelligently written picture book? Not only am I impressed by comicsâ?? artwork and creativity, I am intrigued by how passionate fans are about whatever title they prefer. For all the Marvel fans out there, here is an infographic with some more obscure details about this historic company.

Some top-notch writers have written for Marvel over the years, including Kevin Smith and LOST writers and producers Brian K Vaughan and Damon Lindelof. Another interesting fact concerns the Hulkâ??s signature skin-color. According to the infographic, he was actually supposed to be gray.

Whether you are a comic book fan or not, hopefully this infographic will teach you something you didnâ??t know about the company behind some of the highest grossing blockbusters and some of the most iconic comic book titles. [Via]