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How Long Would Your Fav Superhero Live?

By | source:Here Jun 2nd, 2020

One of the defining parts of being a comic superhero is being in grave danger at any given moment. However, what if the only thing these heroes had to worry about were natural causes?

Today’s infographic takes a look at superhero life expectancies if they were to live out their whole lives and let time take them. This infographic takes into account various factors, including their race/species, the life they lead, and their powers, to determine exactly when a few popular comic heroes are expected to perish.

At the top of the infographic are characters who are immortal. These include Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, and Thor. Due to their backstories, they are effectively un-killable (in the mortal sense). Following these are heavy hitters like Superman, Blade, and Wolverine.

Meanwhile, at the very bottom of the list are characters who have quite lower life expectancies. At the very bottom is Rick Grimes, the protagonist of The Walking Dead. The reasoning for his placement on this infographic is due to the world he lives in and the fact that he has no remarkable abilities.

Read through the rest of the infographic to see the lifespan of various other heroes aside from the ones mentioned already! Your favorite hero might even be on the list.