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US Presidents Who Travel In Style

By | source:Here Jun 1st, 2020

When it comes to traveling around in style, the president of the United States almost always has everyone else beat.

Today’s infographic looks at the dozens upon dozens of presidential vehicles utilized by the president of the United States throughout the years. While not necessarily always ‘stylish’, per se, the vehicles utilized by the president always have at least a few millions of dollars’ worth of security detail, ensuring the protection of possibly the most important figure of the country at any given time.

This infographic highlights the various aircraft, yachts, and automobiles used by the president and even specifies which presidents used which mode of transportation. It’s really quite interesting to see how transportation for the president has evolved. For example, comparing the initial aircraft used by a president (Douglas Dolphin Amphibian, used by Franklin D. Roosevelt) to the aircraft that is used now (Boeing 747 VC-25A “SAM 28000” and “29000, used by various presidents starting with George H.W. Bush) is like comparing night and day.

This notion is not limited to only the aircraft either, as automobiles have changed drastically as well. An interesting takeaway from this is the declining use of a presidential yacht, with the USS Sequoia being last used in 1977 with no other presidential yachts coming after.

Overall, it’s fascinating to see the ways presidents have made their way around over the years. Be sure to check out the rest of the infographic to see for yourself!