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The Rise of Google Plus

By | source: Jul 28th, 2011

Google Plus is definitely the hottest new social media tool in my books. My Facebook news feed over the past month has constantly been people either asking for invites or telling people to add them on Google Plus. I couldn’t resist my curiosity and decided to get one, and I must say I love the layout. As I expected, Google kept their design simple and user friendly, although I’m still adjusting to the new features. The Facebook ads are starting to become overwhelming and a bit intrusive, and my Google Plus profile looks much cleaner than my Facebook.

This infographic fleshes out more details of Google Plus that I would not figure out just by going to the website. I must admit it will be difficult to throw away the Facebook format and adopt a totally new style. Give Google Plus a try if you haven’t already, and write some comments on how you feel about it. Also leave comments on something cool you’d like to see an infographic on, and if we can’t find one, maybe we’ll make it! [Via]