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Modes of Transport You Don’t Use Everyday

By | source:Here Dec 11th, 2017

To get around the U.S these days, most travelers simply get in the car, set their GPS, and drive.  Most of the traveling I do at all is by airplane, bus, train, or a car.  Sure, these forms of transportation are the most efficient ones, both cost and time wise. However, that doesn’t mean that other forms are useless. Sometimes traveling is not just about going from the point A to the point B; sometimes it’s about experiencing and learning something new about new cultures.

If you have been anywhere outside of your home country, then you probably already know that different countries have drastically different ways of traveling. This is most notable when you go from a developed and modern part of the world, like the west coast of the USA, to some rural parts that are still to experience modernization like some areas in Africa and Asia. You will be surprised how many people still use non-motorized modes of transport.

Egypt, Hong Kong, and Peru have interesting forms of boat transportation. Egypt’s boat is called a Felucca. Hong Kong’s boat is called a Junk. Peru’s boat is called a Barco de Totora, or reed boat. These boats are all of reasonable cost, and can hold a fair amount of people.

In some parts of Spain, like the town of Mijas, you can still catch a burro taxi. What is burro taxi, you ask? Well, it’s a trained donkey that will help you get around the city for a lot less, all the while experiencing how people of Spain commuted in the past. There are a dozen more modes of transport in this excellent infographic, so make sure you give it a look.

The fastest transport is probably still flying, but if you have flying anxiety you might want to take a look at these 15 forms of transport.


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